Health & Safety

Face Painting Health & Safety - Arty-Faces - BristolWhether we are face painting in Bristol or bump painting in Bath, Arty-Faces prides itself on a very high standard of hygiene before, during and after every session.

All equipment is thoroughly cleaned with boiling water after every session of face painting, bump painting or body painting. Any damaged or badly worn equipment is discarded. Clean sponges are used for every face and water is changed frequently. Our brushes are top quality with soft bristles so as not to scratch or scrape the skin.

Only professional EU, EEC and FDA approved water based face paint is used, all of which contain anti bacterial & hypoallergenic properties.

Face paint can be easily removed washing with a gentle soap or shower gel & water. However, please be aware that some staining can occur for a short while after removal depending on the paint used and the skin painted.

Face paints should not be worn for longer than 2 – 3 hours and children should never be allowed to go to bed waring them.

All glitters used are of cosmetic grade with No metallic content and are safe for use on the skin and around the eyes.

Face paints, like any cosmetic product, may cause a reaction to those who have sensitive skin. If you have any concerns as to how your skin may react, we are happy to perform a patch test prior to you being painted.

Arty-Faces will not apply a face painting, bump painting or glitter tattoo to anyone who appears to be suffering from any kind of skin condition. Eg. cold sores, conjunctivitis or any other skin complaint that may be affected by the application of cosmetics.